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Lander at Long Last

May 26, 2011

After more than 1,553 miles and over 26 hours on the road, I have made it safe and sound in Lander, WY! It was a rather uneventful drive with the exception of a nasty storm (more on that in a moment). This trip, though not my first long drive, accentuated the not so pleasant aspects of road trips, or at least this one in particular:

  1. Road food – disgusting snacks and fast food became my staples for 2.5 days. I relished my salad, hummus, and peach for dinner tonight.
  2. Semis passing other semis on a two lane highway – this drove me nuts and screwed with my gas mileage
  3. Dingy, smelly hotels – cause those are the only affordable ones on a dissertation budget.
  4. Nebraska and Iowa – hundreds and hundreds of miles of boredom, sheer, mind numbing boredom.
    1. The lack of billboards in these two states is astounding; however, I did see one Rapture billboard, two Jesus billboards, and at least 5 Adult Superstore billboards

Honestly, though, I should not complain. It was a long trip and I made it through without incident. I did encounter a crazy, fast moving storm at the border of Iowa and Nebraska. I have never seen clouds roll in, literally roll in, so quickly and violently. It produced an incredible amount of rain. I was following a semi, and it disappeared behind a white wall of rain right in front of me. Unfortunately, I could not pull of the road no matter how desperately I wanted to because I was in a construction zone and there were no shoulders on the road. Here are some pictures I took. Keep in mind these pictures were taken within just a couple minutes of one another – hopefully giving you an idea of the speed of this storm.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once this storm was gone, it was clear sailing the rest of the trip. I arrived in Lander today, finding it to be very much the same as I when left it in August. I am staying with a NOLS employee, renting a room in his house, in much nicer accomodations than a graduate student should have during field work. My time living in a tent in the mountains will even things out I think. I am mostly settled in, and meetings about field work schedule and logistics begin bright and early tomorrow morning. But for now, looking very forward to bed.

I hope all of you who have been hit by terrible weather the past few days are well and safe.

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  1. May 28, 2011 4:00 am

    That’s some serious storm action! What a weird-looking front. But I must chide you, young lady, for taking pictures while driving!

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