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A Human Leg…That’s Right A Human Leg

August 2, 2011

Yesterday I had to make a trip back to the Absarokas to meet with the second semester. It started with having to re-route to whole meeting due to a forest fire in the area that apparently has spread over 15,000 acres at this point. I went out with the re-ration guy, Mark (he brings new food rations to the courses), since the new route had never been used before and we had no idea what kind of road conditions we would encounter. This was a very very good thing. It was pouring in the Absarokas yesterday, and this new road was HORRIBLE! Because of the rain, it was basically all mud with enormous rocks sticking out, and pot holes large enough for me to comfortably lie down in and not be seen. Add to that the fact the road sloped in the direction of the ravine. I have never actually skidded around in a four wheel drive pick-up truck on mud while simultaneously sustaining minor neck and back injuries due to bouncing in and out of the road craters. My little Ford Fusion would never have made it. It was a harrowing adventure just getting to the course, but we did indeed arrive safely. We even got to see a young male moose along the way! Sorry, no pictures.

We finally find the course, and they look miserable. They were soaking wet and covered in mud; however, they were exceedingly happy to see us. To them Mark means new food and I mean fun treats and news of the outside world. I got many soggy muddy hugs, it was cute. The students started telling me about their adventures in the past two weeks, and rather nonchalantly, one girl told me, “We found a human leg!” WHAT? I of course been grilling her on how much of the leg was left and various anatomical features to be sure it was human…the osteologist in me will never die. The rest of the group chimed in, and it was a mostly in tact leg including the foot. A lot of the flesh and muscle had been eaten away by various creatures. My guess is that it was a solo hiker who either 1) got lost, died, and then animals feasted or 2) the hiker was attacked by a bear, died, and than other animals feasted. The course instructor gave Mark the rough location of the leg so it could be reported and hopefully investigated. As horrible as it must have been for the students to find this, I could not help but feel a bit jealous of their find – would have liked to have investigated it a little bit myself. And, yes, I know how sick that sounds.

And now a highly inappropriate cake picture

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  1. teddybear2 permalink
    August 2, 2011 7:47 pm

    I’m confused…was it a cake or was it an ACTUAL leg. Don’t toy with my emotions girl!

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